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Hey Hey, I'm Lizzy,The Animal Psychic Medium & Healer.

I am the founder of RegainYour Power. An amazing course that works with you to find your awesomeness.
Sometimes life gets a little tough and we lose our path or even our confidence. Trust me ive been there and brought the wardrobe!
i created a course that will help you on your journey to finding the awesome you thats been hiding away.
Learn to embrace your personal spirit animal as well as calming your mind.
I will teach you to have an understanding on how Feng Shui can help bring out the best in you. Plus teach you how to manifest and work with nature. If this sounds like you go and check it out.
But thats not all I do.
I connect with animals through Reiki and telepathy. I have a beautiful gift that allows me to connect with animals past and present. 
Being able to connect with animals and people fills me with so much joy knowing that i can connect to them and help in many ways. 
From easing past trauma to connecting with a loved animal that has past over. 
Seeing how much happiness it brings and how close connections grow is just magical.

Do you feel lost and seeking guidance from spirit?
Would you like to better understand who your personal Animal Spirit guides are?
Would you like to help your animal ease their anxiety or release past trauma?
Or maybe you'd like to reach out and connect to your loved animal that has past over.

If this sounds like you then let's get you booked in with myself and the animal spirit guides.
We will see you soon.

Lizzy xx




About me


Why Hello, So who am I?

I'm a little ball of happiness from the South East of England.

Put on this earth to hug trees, communicate and heal Animals passed and present and embrace the beauty of nature and its elements.

A few years ago I went on a spiritual path of enlightenment. I learnt to heal myself from trauma through Reiki, meditation and learning to connect to spirit.

I had a gift as a child but I created a fear of it and it took around 25 years to learn to embrace the light and not fear it. 

After learning to embrace my gift I knew i wanted to help those with animals past and present, but there was something missing? I wanted to help people like myself.

When I work with spirit I have spirit animals that protect and guide me. I have a wolf spirit who has stayed with me since day one and a lioness who represents strengh and guidance. 

I also work with the archangel Ariel as she is the beautiful angel who works with healing, nature and animals as well as other things.

Sheer beauty and has taught me so much.

On my journey I not only got to work with beautiful animals but I also found myself and did a lot of healing on myself. I did this through finding my personal animal spirit guides and learning how to embrace Feng Shui and nature it was beautiful.

This is where the course Regain Your Power came to light. Now not only do i get to work with animals  and Read for people. I now get to help others grow into their power like i did. Now is the time to embrace the light and dance like no one is watching. 

Enroll now

Kind Words

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100% genuine lovely lady. She has Albee’s spot on with me and I trust her x


I had a distnace Reiki session from Lizzy and everything she said and felt was correct. I felt lighter and a lot clearer after the session. I was amazed at how this worked especially as i live in Spain. 5*



Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 20.19.47.png

Lizzy read from a photo of a loved one for me and she was honestly amazing and picked up on a perfect description of my family member. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again Lizzy xx

Michelle Stonhill

Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 17.37.53.png

Lizzy’s reading was very insightful and relevant to what I needed to hear. A relaxed video call where I didn’t worry in the slightest about how I looked, it felt like chatting with a friend.

Thank you Lizzy

Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 17.48.49.png

I had lizzy out for my 4 year old and was very interesting to know that my pony is cocky haha and also said I’d do well at a show which I did and it’s just nice to know what my pony thinks

Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 18.16.55.png

just had an amazing reading everything said is just so me right now and where I am heading , and how I am feeling , can't recommend this lady enough , xxxx





Tracey Lucas