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Hey Hey, I'm Lizzy, The Animal Psychic Medium & Healer.

I am the founder of phenomenal Animal Magik Masterclass. This epic course is designed for 

Is your mind louder than a Saturday night in a night club?

Do you feel like there are not enough hours in a day?

Feel unaligned spiritually?

Or maybe self-sabotage is lurking its ugly head?

Trouble manifesting?








Do you feel like any of the above. Don't worry; I have got your back. A few years ago, this was exactly myself. Stressed, disorganised, spiritually lost and no idea what direction to go. This had a huge effect on my business. Till one day, I stopped and learnt Reiki, meditation, how to connect to my animal spirit guides and to trust the power of manifestation.

As soon as I started implementing some small changes to my daily routine wham bam thanks for the jam. I made big waves in business and my spiritual path.

So shall let's book you for a FREE discovery call and see how this epic course can help you.


    Lizzy xx

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About me

Why Hello, So who am I?

I'm a little ball of happiness from the South East of England.

Put on this earth to hug trees, communicate and heal Animals passed and present.

I am the animal 

A few years ago I went on a spiritual path of enlightenment. I learnt to heal myself from trauma through Reiki, meditation and manifesting. I decided I wanted to study different subjects to learn how to help others. I studied many forms of Reiki and received my masters. I also studied Meditation,  positive psychology, mindset and lots more including Feng Shui.

I knew then that I wanted to create something that  had an element of spiritualism and how the magic of the universe can guide and heal us. 

In Reiki I have spirit anaimals that protect and guide me. I have a wolf spirit who has stayed with me since day one. 

I also work with the archangel Ariel as she is the beautiful angel who works with healing, nature and animals as well as other things.

Sheer beauty and has taught me so much.

So here you are a home for all things healing, happiness and confidence. If this sounds like your cup of tea then welcome to the wolf pack. It's full of wonder here.


Is this you?


 Do you feel a sense of being lost and disorganised?

Are you unsure how to pursue your spiritual awakening journey?

Do you feel stressed and tired all the time?

Are you wondering why others attract things, but you are not?

Have a connection with nature and animals, and unsure why?


If you feel the above, then look no further. I went through those exact feelings three years ago, and after guidance, learning and believing in myself, I saw a new path a more positive and happier one.

In Routines & Rituals, you will learn how to overcome fears, Go on a spiritual path, Learn to calm the mind as well as understand the beauty of nature and animals and how they guide us.

If you'd like to find out more on how this course would benefit you, then book a FREE discovery call today, and let's get you on the path to happiness.