Legal Disclaimer

All readings and Reiki healing that Lizzy Adams provide. Free or paid for are to empower, enlighten and are for positive and responsible choices.

I reserve the right to refer you to an appropriate professional if you present a situation or a condition that would warrant the need to or if is outside the elements of my practice.

I am not responsible for any action or inaction on yours, or your animals part as a result of your consultation, healing consultation or any other service i provide. You agree to take full responsibility for yours and your animals life, which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Your life and your animals is your responsibility.

All consultations from readings to reiki healing are confidential. Any video readings that are emailed to the recipient are confidential and involve no third party. These are sent via a platform call we transfer.

However information on abuse or a crime that is revealed in a session or conversation may have to be reported to the correct law enforcement or governmental authorities.

Please note that any opinions, information that is expressed in any form of digital media or private consultation that is hosted by Lizzy Adams is too not to be considered in any means a diagnosis for animals or humans or a psychological treatment.

The information that is provided to you is informational purposes only.

Please do not ignore anything that is advised to you from qualified professional bodies animal or human. My information is purely for general purposes.

All psychic readings and reiki healing consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person or animals personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial or professional advice.

By engaging in a reading or Reiki of any kind you understand that we do not diagnose illness, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death.

You understand that Lizzy Adams can not make and warranties or guarantees regarding the information she provides and that she can not be held responsible or liable for the actions you take as a result of the session.

You are completely responsible for any actions you take after any consultation.

Disclaimer for live readings 

You have paid to witness a demonstration of a psychic medium. This demonstration is a form of an experiment; no claims are made and as a result of this it is not guaranteed you will receive a personal message. You may see, feel or hear things you have not experienced before.

Disclaimer for private readings

This is a form of an experiment; no claims are made and the results can not be guaranteed. the medium is not here to tell fortunes but to try and convey evidence of survival which may include an appearance from spirit to guide them through the overall experience at that particular time. he/she can only give communications received through his/her own spiritual connection.

Disclaimer Animal Reiki and Human Reiki

We do not, nor claim to be veterinarians, Doctors or other health care providers, we can not diagnose or perscribe treatments for either yourself or your animal companions.

We can however relay symptoms and informations from your animal companions or yourself that maybe in turn helpful for the correct professional authorities.

As with all healing professionals, we can not make any guarantees, but will always in good faith follow our ethical standards and guidelines  we learnt whilst practicing Reiki.

We do advise that our animal Reiki clients that no one can offer a guarantee, and our animal companions have the choice of free will as do we and any other living being.

We do not in anyway command your animals to act or behave in any certain manner. We do however use our skill set to help mediate or negotiate the best choices for your animals to ensure you have a happy animal companion. 

At no point is information shared with a third party unless like the above we are deemed to reach out to the correct channels or authority. We do not perform any medical diagnosis for humans or animals. At no point is the information meant to super-seed the diagnose or guidance from a professional medical body.