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Distance Animal Reiki

Japanese Holistic Therapy for animals around the world. Balances chakras, removes negative energy and helps to release anxiety, stresses and trauma plus lots more. Beautiful 45 minute healing session. Full analysis is emailed after the session.

Animal Medium reading

Animal mediumship. Is a beautiful way to connect to your animals that have past over the rainbow bridge. This can be done via video call or through email as we know that this can stir up emotions and you may not wish to be on video. Full report of findings is emailed to you if you choose that option. All we require is a photo and a name of your beauty.

Psychic Readings

Book a Psychic reading to help you on your path. From love, life and career. We work with our animal spirit guides and spirit to help you answer the questions you are stuck on and to give you an insight to what is ahead for you. These readings can be done via video or emailed to you.

Readings are done via an app called Zoom. please ensure that you download this before our session starts.

If you require a reading done through email we use a platform call we transfer. This is the only time a reading will be recorded due to privacy.

Reiki distance healings are set by email before and written analysis is emailed after the session. Your email used via GDPR guidelines. 

When you book a consultation you will be taken to a google form to fill in before our session. 


Medium animal readings we require a name of the animal and picture to be emailed us. Details can be found on the google form we send over to you. 

Please ensure you read Disclaimers section of the website for full details. All consultations are £40 each.


Zeta Bell

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Lizzy is incredible. I first met her when she came out to do some reiki on my horse last year. Since then, she's given me pendulum readings (all of which have come true!), personal chats and much more. I'm quite a skeptical person but she has totally blown my mind!!

Lots of love for this special lady xxx


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lily Nuttall

Absolutely incredible woman, everything Lizzy said was accurate. I came to Lizzy very sceptical not really knowing what to expect but everything has rung true

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Kayleigh Pease

I'm honestly blown away, so I sent lizzy a picture of a loved one that's in heaven and she was completely and utterly spot on with what she came back with.

I was so impressed I cried tears of happiness.. Highly recommend this beautiful lady.. Thank you ever so much